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This site is designed to give you a simple understanding of your body’s natural repair and renewal system and will outline what Stem Cell Nutrition is and how you can use Stem Cell Nutrition to improve the performance of your natural healing system with quality all natural supplements.

Stem Cell Nutrition is a Proactive Approach to Your Health and Well-Being Rather than a Reactive One

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The Amazing Benefits of  Stem Cell Nutrition

Stem Cell Nutrition the process of boosting your own body’s natural renewal system with a diet consisting of all natural foods and all natural food based extracts that are incorporated into scientifically proven supplements. By practicing Stem Cell Nutrition you will enhance your overall well-being and health, which in turn will provide you with a longer and much higher quality of life.


How The Body’s Natural Healing System Works

Within the last decade modern science has discovered that our bodies have natural renewal systems and that our bodies are continually repairing and regenerating themselves. This is done by the release of our own adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells (BMSC’s). These BMSC’s have the ability to divide, release from within the bone, circulate through our blood system, migrate across tissue and differentiate into the specific cells we need. This is how we heal!

The adult BMSC’s divide inside the bone and produce sister cells, these sister cells release out of the bone while the parent cell stays behind, they then begin flowing throughout the body in search of damaged tissue to repair. This release of adult BMSC’s is prompted by two sets of messengers that the body releases when it needs repair, these are sent out by the damaged tissue. The first set of messengers is to trigger the release of the adult BMSC’s from the bone marrow, once out of the bone the BMSC’s then circulate and flow through the entire bloodstream in search of damaged tissue.

The second set of messengers released by damaged tissue is a local attractant, this tells the adult BMSC’s that they are close to damaged tissue that needs repairing and regenerating. Once the circulating adult BMSC’s scene this second set of local messengers they attaches them selves to the capillary wall and begin to migrate through wall and across the tissue to the tissue in need of repair. Once they reach this damaged tissue they then reproduce and become new healthy cells of that damaged tissue. This whole process is truly amazing.


The Natural Healing System

The Natural Healing System

1. Messengers” are sent by tissues in need, requesting the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow.

2. Adult stem cells circulate in the bloodstream.

3. A different set of “messengers” attract adult stem cells to migrate into tissues where the stem cells reproduce and become new healthy cells of that tissue.


Why We Age

We release optimal amounts BMSC’s while we are reaching maturity, that is why you are so vigorous and full of energy when you are young. But as we reach full maturity around the age of twenty five, our bone marrow consistency starts to change from a moist/wet marrow to a more jelly type marrow and the release of adult BMSC’s slows due to this change in consistency. The release of BMSC’s continues to slow gradually over the years as we get older. This is why you don’t bounce back from injury as you once did and we start becoming prone to degenerative disease. Once we reach sixty to seventy years of age we are releasing less than ten percent of the BMSC’s we were when we were twenty.

This table shows average reductions in the release rate of BMSC’s as per your age

Inflammation Effects

The Good News!

We can slow this aging process right down and renew our bodies just by practicing the amazing new discovery of Stem Cell Nutrition. Now that we have discovered how the body’s healing system works, we can take action and adjust our dietary intake to maximize the release of extra BMSC’s, it’s that simple! And to make it even easier we can do it with clinically proven supplements that contain extracts the active ingredient of these super foods.



The Four Sages of the Healing Process We Should Encourage


Why inflammation control is needed

Balancing whole-body inflammation assists the homing of stem cells to affected tissues. Inflammation is a double-edged sword. While short-term inflammation is a necessary and healthy response to injury, recurring inflammation due to prolonged stressors can cause a healthy inflammation response to get stuck in an overactive cycle. If the body is unable to reset the balance, sustained inflammation can reduce the ability of stem cells to find affected tissues, compromising the body’s ability to self-heal.

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